Our Schools

Firs Primary 

Our belief is quite straightforward at Firs. We believe that if we empower people we are giving them the opportunity to make and have positive choices in their life. Choice is both powerful and liberating for individuals, families and communities.

We are empowering our children at Firs to:

Academic – Enable them to become highly skilled so they can enter the world of work well equipped to make a positive and strong contribution through the achievement of academic outcomes that are above national averages.

Character – We aspire for our children to become empowered through developing core characteristics and values that enable them to face challenges both in their careers and personal lives to enable them to have jobs they enjoy, relationships that last and lives over which they are proud. We firmly believe that through developing learning for life skills (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Collaboration and Reflectiveness) our children will become young people and adults who will live and lead with honesty, integrity, transparency, courage, belief and trust.

Community – At Firs we are part of and form the community. We understand that our community has core needs. The school ensures that where we can we identify areas of need from the local community and work in collaboration with community members and families to support this through our curriculum and school improvement.

We operate within a framework of common core values and these are honesty, transparency, trust, respect, courage and belief. We are part of a strong and diverse community. I have not yet met one parent who does not want the best for their child in our community and they trust the school to deliver on all areas of our empowerment beliefs.


Topcliffe Primary 

At Topcliffe we seek to ensure that children leave school with a secure academic grounding for their future. However, our priority is not examination grades but the development of curiosity and wonder in learning that will inspire aspiration and success.

We incorporate academic work with a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, and we value sporting, character and cultural achievement equally. We are a school with a strong inclusive ethos which expresses itself with children treating each other with respect and courtesy. We have developed a creative curriculum that ensures that all children’s individual learning and social needs are met within a school that believes in fun!